12th April - Today's News: North Queensland Cleans Up After Cyclone Ita

Tropical Cyclone Ita leaves trail of destruction along far north Queensland coast - but it wasn't as bad as feared and there have been no serious casualties reported

Appearance of night-shining clouds increasing - although I've not seen any 'nocties' for a few years now.  The 'season' kicks off again in May.

Climate paradox decipheredfrom the Miocene era - why parts of the world warmed even as the Antarctic ice sheet was growing

IPCC report: world must urgently switch to clean sources of energy.  But we won't.

Bad news for the sceptics: the odds that global warming is due to natural factors: slim to none - according to a new analysis of temperature data from 1500.

And just for a laugh, the Daily Mail told us yesterday to enjoy the Spring sunshine this weekend ..... you'll need the woollens next week as chill to hit Britain in time for Easter, whilst today they assure us that Britons to bask in sunny weather this Easter with highs of up to 19c ..... warmer than holiday hotspots in Greece.  Bth stories share the same pictures .....


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