17th July - Today's News: Norwegians Baffled by Unusual Torrential Downpour

Australia wakes to a wintery blanket of the white stuff as record cold snap brings European-style winter to three states - it's years since I have seen snow like that!   Unfortunately, David Viner's off the cuff remark about snow being a "a very rare and exciting event" has proved all too true in this part of Britain.

Heavy rain and thunder too is becoming a very rare thing, with just two occasions on which distant rumbles have been heard in Evesham since July last year (which to be fair did produce some proper storms!) and I have certainly not seen any lightning in the past 12 months.  But elsewhere heavy rain forces play to be suspended in The Open at St Andrews after lightning and 50mph winds hit Britain - with parts of England seeing spectatular lightning displays for the second time in just a week ....

And 2014 was Earth's warmest on record, and ocean temperatures are 'just ridiculous' warns annual health report for the planet - which will, of course, be completely poo-pooed by the usual suspects.  The actual 288 page report can be read here (large download).


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