15th July - Today's News: More Cold & Snow in Australia

In Europe, as crippling heat wave hits Spain, forecasters warn it could get worse whilst Italy sizzles again as new heatwave hits  with the heat expected to spread north and east through the week.   But largely miss Britain ....

Still no sign of the Mi-go, but New Horizons spacecraft survives encounter with Pluto after sendig back a stunning image of the dwarf planet

And human civilisation is 'unsustainable' unless we begin protecting Earth's plant life, researchers warn - though some will still argue that this is greenie hippy nonsense and besides not only are we increasing CO2 which plants need to live (so must be a good thing) but in any case there are loads of plants everywhere, changes are natural and have always happened and anyway, God gave us the planet to do what we want with so whatever we do is okay.  Right?  Anything but admit that humans might be responsible for anything bad ....


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