14th July - Today's News: New Horizons Nears Pluto

New Horizon's probe finds Pluto is bigger than predicted and as it makes it's final approach, New Horizons' mission lead reveals how Pluto could change our view of the Solar System.  There will be further news through the day and of course coming weeks as the data collected in analysed.

Meanwhile, far, far away ... the exoplanets that hint of life billions of years older than Earth

In Japan, 3,058 treated for heat exhaustion nationwide in week to 12 July as the country experiences an extreme heatwave.

In southern Argentina there is finally heavy snowfall as Bariloche ski season opens

Ocean warming leads to stronger precipitation extremes such as the deluge that hit Sochi last month

And global warming forces planes to spend up to 11 minutes longer in the air battling strong winds - though only when flying against the wind....  And not everywhere.  Nor all the time.   


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