2nd July - Today's News: Britain's Warmest July Day on Record

Whilst the 33.9c in my garden was only the highest I have recorded since July 2006, with 36.7c at Heathrow it was the hottest July day every recorded in UK - particularly remarkable because previous records have occurred at the end of a heatwave, rather on the second day of a brief 'hot spell'.   Typically the day ended with some major thunderstorms (though not in Evesham of course - a couple of rumbles in the morning was the best we could muster) and overnight inch-wide hailstones fall as thunderstorms sweep the country after 98f Britain bakes on hottest July day on record with a dramatic lightning storm across Scotland

Though already cooler in Britain, high temperatures will continue over Europe as France takes steps to avoid repeat of deadly 2003 heatwave where the heatwave brings rain of records.

In Holland, heat hits, Dutch Rail reduces services, Wednesday night set new record

And in Germany, weathermen issue snow alert in heatwave ...... oops!


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