5th April - Today's News: Over 50 Killed in Argentine Floods

Argentina floods 'catastrophe' for La Plata, Buenos Aires with latest reports suggesting death toll from Argentine floods hits 57 after over 300mm of rain fell in just a few hours earlier this week.  Some more pictures here.

In Britain, snow flurries hit south as cold weather refuses to lift - we even had some very light snow in Evesham yesterday morning, though nothing like we saw in April 2008

Meanwhile the wildfire season spreads: snow-hit Cumbria faces grass fires whilst Facebook used to fight grass fires in north Wales.   And in Scotland fears for golden eagle nests as wildfires sweep Highlands although some good news today as last of 200 Highland land fires extinguished.  For now.   It's not often I issue a wildfire warning as part of my weekly weather forecast.

And just when you thought it was wet, wet, wet Severn Trent water advice follows dry start to the year ......  It has indeed been another dry start, though not nearly as dry as recent years and there is still plenty of standing water in fields from December's deluge.   So personally I'm not too concerned.


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