30th April - Today's News: Fen Blow Hits Farmers

Average Briton whines about the weather for four months of their life - or, if you're a member of a weather forum, for about four months of every year!

There's been awesome Aussie weather this autumn - and it's still warm in South Africa too.  In the Northern Territories, the wet was dry now dry will start wet as Cyclone Zane forms off north Queensland coast

Plants can moderate climate warming, new study shows, by releasing gases which aid cloud formation

And more nonsense from the Daily Mail, claiming the next big freeze could last 250 years:  Experts say Sun's activity wanes every 200 years - and the next 'cooling period' is due by 2040.   This 'annoucement' from some Russian scientist has, of course, excited Wattsy's gang - after all, if 10,000 people tell you something you don't want to be true and one person tells you what you want to hear, whom do you believe?   That's not to say that a period of reduced solar activity won't occur, it's just that other factors mean it will not produce the cold spell associated with the Maunder Minimum and at best it'll just stall any further rise in temps due to various human activities.   Of course, we should note that the start of this 'cold spell' is constantly getting put back.  It was supposed to have started around 2000 ......


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