6th July - Today's News: Flash Flood in Tunbridge Wells

UK heatwave: Photos show dramatic impact on River Teme - this comes after yesterday saw the highest temperatures of the year locally; 30.8c at Pershore and 32.1c in my garden.   However there were thunderstorms in the SE where Tunbridge Wells recovers after flash flooding

However, the Met Office issue an update on a record breaking June - the Scottish record temperature recorded at Strathclyde Park has been ruled invalid due to a nearlby parked vehicle.  The exact location of the weather station remains a bit of a mystery though as no-one can find it on Google Earth, at least, not where the official coordinates indicate it to be!

Climate change making nighttime high-altitude clouds more visible, study says - and there was a stunning display of "nocties" visible in Evesham at 3am this morning


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