26th March - Today's News: Thousands Animals Feared Dead as Villages Remain Cut-off

In Cumbria, hamlet faces 'dire' situation - though I remain surprised that in rural areas people only hold enough food for a day or 2 ......  I live less than 5 minutes from a Tesco and shop daily, but I still generally have enough food to last me a week to 10 days at any one time.   Back in 81/82 we lived a mile from the road, down a farm track that was completed blocked for well over a week.  Had to walk across the fields to get to the village to catch the school bus (no closures in those days!).  Does make you wonder .....   Meanwhile, in Wales, Gwynfryn villagers 'snowed in' by drifts whilst work to restore power in Arran and Kintyre continues.

Like a great many businesses, my trade has been adversely affected by the continuing cold weather as atrocious spring weather prompts triple-dip recession fears.   And further fears over our energy security: is this welcome to blackout Britain?

And it looks like Prince William is out of a job as Bristow Group to take over UK search and rescue from RAF


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