27th March - Today's News: Europe Also Hit by Record Cold & Snow

'We'll freeze for another month': Dire weather gripping UK could last until end of April say forecasters - not entirely accurate, but indications are that the current run of colder than normal weather will continue for the foreseeable future.  The Daily Mail has pictures and stories on the suffering of the lambs.  Further heavy snowfall, expecially in the south, is not expected, at the moment, though obviously cannot be entirely ruled out.

Meanwhile, snow and ice bring further travel disruption to Scotland,  there is deep snow still lying in some areas of Northern Ireland.   Isle of Man snowfall 'heaviest in 50 years'.   And 'thousands of puffins may be dead' in North Sea storms - though I'm not aware it's been that much more stormy than usual. 

But in Australia a very different story as more records tumble in summer's final blast

And finally, a totally off topic story that surely epitomises karma as luck changes for Billy Ray Harris, the homeless man who returned an engagement ring dropped into his beggar's cup.   What a wonderful story.


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