11th March - Today's News: Heavy Snow Hits Channel Islands

Tiny, tiny, tiny flurries of snow ......  And a braw wind.   But a bit more serious elsewhere as snow closes Guernsey Airport runway after forecasters issue Channel Islands red snow warning - a rare thing down there.   And Siberian spring will mean snow all week.  Perhaps.  For some.

In the Netherlands, new weather record set - longest non-stop rain - I suspect the British record runs for several days!

Amplified greenhouse effect shaping north into south - or rather, there's increased vegetation growth now in northern regions due to reduced snow/ice cover and warmer temperatures.

And Stonehenge builders travelled from far, say researchers - even coming down from the Highlands to help in what appears to have been a truely national enterprise.  One in the eye for those who think Britain is a group of seperate nations!


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