1st March - Today's News: Australia's Hottest Summer on Record

It's the first day of Spring, meteorologically speaking - and grey as ever here in Evesham!  My second coldest February, though one more notable for its lack of hard frosts.  The Daily Mail are astounded to discover that 4 of the last 5 winters have been colder than average and their headline writer somehow thinks this has some bearing on global warming.....   Perhaps someone should point out to him that a) there are more than 3 months in the year and b) the British Isles do not cover the entire planet!  Details in the story itself seem correct though.  Oddly, they never seem to run headlines about warmer than average temperatures.  Wonder why? 

Headlines, like for example: records confirm this summer as our hottest.  In Australia, that is.  With speculation it could possibly even be the hottest on record across the S Hemisphere as a whole.

A BBC correspondent describes tackling northern Japan's record snow

Charity reaches rainforest goal - raising funds to preserve a small tract of African rainforest the size of Wales.  About a third of the size of rainforest being lost globally every year .....

Another earthquake reported by Loughborough and Coalville residents
Fukishima: 'small increase in cancer risk' for those living close by and involved in the clean up operation.  Despite the crazed fears of some, millions are not dying in America ......   Though the conspiracy freaks will no doubt claim the WHO are just covering up.  As usual.

Newly spotted comet to buzz Mars in 2014 whilst comet Panstarrs cranks up the volume and should make an appearance here later this month.   Hopefully skies will be clear to allow for some photos!

And a new discovery suggests an icy cosmic start for amino acids and DNA ingredients and although it's too early for life here as yet, candidate protoplanet spotted inside its stellar womb


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