6th December - Today's News: 5th December 2013 Storm Surge - Worst in 60 Years

It looks like we dodged a bullet, a big one .....  It's reported that last night's Suffolk tidal surge 'worse than 1953' - but plenty of prior warning, evacuations and above all much better sea defences mean that whilst some properties have been damaged and there's been widespread coastal flooding, there has been no loss of life.  We've been learning the lessons from past storm surges.

Around the country:

Finally, more dramatic pictures from the Mail as Britain battered by worst storm surge 60 years

To the annoyance - and concern - of some, last nights live media news coverage as events unfolded, was cancelled following the expected death of an elderly South African.   Nelson Mandela was a great man, but would he really have wanted his death to have been given such prominence during a potenially major natural disaster?

Meanwhile, Met Eireann warn that storms and big freezes 'will be the norm'

After a very dry autumn, Israelis say rain, rain don't go away


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