24th December - Today's News: Storms Disrupt Christmas Travel (2)

All in all, nothing that eventful here - although about an inch of rain and the river is in flood again - nothing unsual but more rain (and gales) are expected on Friday and again next Monday.  But yesterday's storm winds and torrential rain buffet Britain, leaving two dead  as heavy rain and 87mph winds bring disruption in Wales and it's not over yet with attention switching north today with Northern Ireland power cut warning due to storms and Scotland weather: high winds and flooding expected. The Daily Mail as usual has lots of dramatic pictures of the nightmare before Christmas

 Meanwhile, North America storms spell cold, dark Christmas for many and half the US is already covered in snow.   It's rumoured we might see some snow here.  In 2014.   Sometime.  Perhaps .....

And finally: Santa Claus sets off from LaplandHappy Christmas Everyone!   And remember the true meaning of the season: eat, drink and be merry!


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