13th December - Today's News: Heavy Snow in Eastern Mediterannean

So that's where our winter's gone ....

Back home, it's snow joke: Scotland really is bloomin warm this winter (temperatures in the Highlands have been up to 16c this week)

I'm really not sure what this story is about - but there are likely to be severe gales in the NW of Scotland over the weekend, and generally it's looking unsettled for the next week with deep low pressure persisting over Iceland and a strong west or southwesterly airflow, perhaps with gales at times - but models do not indicate any specific storm heading for Britain, let alone one named Emily.  And it's still too early to say what Christmas will bring. 

And one for the catastrophists: new research shows that historically, volcanic island landslides do not cause massive tsunamis to devastate the entire eastern seaboard of the USA ....


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