28th September 2013 - IPCC AR5 WG1 Summary Released

Plenty of media reports on the release of the Working Group 1 Summary for Policeymakers, so here's a round-up of stories from some of the usual suspects:

Science Daily: Human influence on climate clear, IPCC report says

The BBC give us: UN Climate Report: key findings - btw I am disappointed there is little emphasis on precipitation pattern change, which IMO has a far more reaching impact on humans than temperature changes alone.

From the Daily Mail: it's not as bad as we thought - but global warming is still as disaster, warn UN experts

Climate change report: extreme weather to become more common says the Daily Telegraph, which also runs a story on a slightly different angle:  IPCC Report: Britain could cool is Gulf Stream slows

And the Guardian gives us live reaction to IPCC conclusions with some quite interesting and conflicting comments there.

UN climate panel endorses ceiling on global emissions is the headline from the New York Times

And the Sydney Morning Herald warns Australia has 'much to lose' from climate change

Not seen any reaction from Russia news agencies as yet though.

No doubt the weekend will see plenty of opinion pieces (many masquerading as factual news stories) questioning and refuting the report .....


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