27th September - Today's News: Deadly Pakistan Earthquake Creates New Coastal Island

Britain has its best crop of apples and pumpkins for years because of wet spring and hot summer.   It't been another week of mainly benign weather here (no rain in my garden for 10 days now), although apparently that's all about to change because now we face a weekend of hail and storm chaos with 'typhoon like conditions' !!!!!   Because there may be a few showers and maybe some thunder affecting parts of southern England on Saturday .....  Yep, it's Nathan Rao again.

In Sweden, cold snap on the way after first snow accident and across the border, first snow arrives as police advise Finns to prepare cars for winter.

Wild weather from snow to severe fire danger hits Canberra and NSW whilst in Victoria wild winds cause damage across the state.   Meanwhile, Queensland hit by record temperatures in September heat wave with many towns recorded theu hottest September day ever.

Why scientists were wrong about this year's hurricane season - there have been far fewer storms develop due to unexpected dry air coming off north Africa and also Brazil where much of the country has been in drought.

Forests fragmentation triggers 'ecological armageddon' - it's worth noting that our ancients ancestors probably came down from the trees and began walking on the ground on 2 legs as a consequence of forest fragmentation in Africa millions of years ago, although of course that was someothing which happened over the course of hundreds of thousands of years.  Not tens of years ....

And a big day for AGW with the release of the 5th IPCC Climate report: humans 'dominant cause' of warming later today.   More on that probably over the coming days.  Meantime,  climate sceptics claim warming pause backs their view - and I ask what happens when the natural cooling factors that may have curtailed AGW in recent years switch back to warming?

And finally, as we approach that time of year ago when the usual suspects from SE England rant about Britain being better off on Bloody Silly Time all year round, some surprising news as Spain considers time zone change to boost producivity - moving back from Central European Time (aka Alpha Time) to put them in the same zone as Britain (were geographically they should be) ie Greenwich Mean Time (aka Zulu Time).   Worth noting that Portugal has previously flirted with CET but soon moved back to GMT.


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