13th September - Today's News: 3 Dead in Colorado Flash Floods

Arctic sea ice nears annual summer minimum - likely to be the 6th lowest on record

Are these the scariest cloud formations ever photographed?  asks the Daily Mail.  No, but they're pretty good shots of supercells

Current pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions put over 600 million people at risk of higher water scarcity - but I warrant most would be at risk regardless of any climate change.  More and more and more people all wanting more and more water?  The outcome is obvious.   Although, that said, some good news as Kenya aquifers discovered in dry Turkana region

Mount McKinley 83ft shorter than previously thought (the story confused me at first as I thought the highest peak in N America was Denali .... I'd completely forgotten its English name)

It's now official: NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft embarks on historuc journey into interstellar space.  How long before V'Ger returns to destroy us though?!!!

Oh, and a good blog piece from last month: Comet ISON: the real story - still looking good for a naked eye object towards the end of the year.


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