11th September - Today's News: First Autumn Snows in Highlands

Snow returns to Scotland as forecasters warn of nasty spell of weather around the corner - but it should hopefully improve for the latter part of September

Meanwhile, in the US, the Old Farmer's Almanac says get ready for a colder, snowier winter

After some earlier doubts, it's official: Greenland saw its hottest day ever in July 2013 (though Wattsy's gang will no doubt beg to differ!)

And in Argentina, a winter heat wave brings record highs - with the highest September temp in BA since 1944

Interesting new DNA study suggests hunting did not kill off mammoth - though has to be said that a decline in population due to climate change has never really been in doubt: the 'kill' argument is that humans finished off an already much declined population that might otherwise have survived in a few refugia (like Wrangel Island where they survived until around 4,000 year ago) as, presumably, they had done during previous interglacials.

And finally, OT but this is probably the best article about the Mountain Bothies Association - and voluntary work in general - that I have ever read.   Please share:  Looking after the bothies - why bother?


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