18th September - Today's News: August 4th Warmest on Record

NOAA: August 2013 temperatures fourth highest on record.  No catastrophic ice age yet then.  Full report here

In Alaska, ancient trees emerge from frozen forest 'tomb' as glaciers melt back revealing the remains 1,200+ year old trees (note: the report mentions the trees are probably the same as those that grow around the glacier today - so this is not evidence it was 'warmer' 1,200 years ago, only that the glacier was smaller 1,200 year ago)

Oh, and an interesting follow-up to David Rose's misleading 'story' in the Mail on Sunday from the 'Bad Astronomer' Phil Plait: another week, another climate change denial article in The Mail.   Now, whether Rose was just mistaken and misunderstood what he read and was told, or whether he deliberately lied, is perhaps a moot point.  But if he repeats any of those errors again, then it is clearly the latter.  And that, as I have pointed out before, is a clear breach of the Journalist's Code of Conduct.


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