24th April - Today's News: Spectacular Volcanic Eruption in Chile

As the clean-up continues in NSW, Sydney weather: facts and figures about the storm - and it is possible that NSW storms are a sign of things to come, climate scientist warns

Winter makes an annoying comeback with late April snow in many US states - and here in Britain we will see some over the higher hills, and perhaps even to low ground in the far north, over the next few days.  Though that is as unusual as a Scotsman eating a haggis.

Rare Hawaii tornado touches down in Kapolei

A new insight on ground shaking from human-made earthquakes - fracking may not be the main cause.

A study shows that hiatus in global average temperatures has little effect on projected temperatures in 2100 - in simple terms, the models may show a steady linear increase but reality produces a much more stepped increase with apparent slowdowns such as the one we have recently experienced quite expected.  Meanwhilem the Daily Fail manages to turn another study showing that "global warming more moderate than worst-case models"  (as reported here on Wednesday) into a headline claiming unequivocably that our climate models are WRONG.  Which, obviously, they are not.

And another piece of bad science in the Daily Fail as it is claimed that far from heading for a mass extinction, life on Earth is flourishing like never before .....  and one of the arguments for this claim? "the rate of discovery of new species was currently outstripping the loss of species to extinction."   Er, well that only holds true if none of the new species we discover each year existed before we discovered them.   Though it's fair to say that if there are x more species on the planet than we thought, then x-1 is a lower percentage and thus the rate of extinction is perhaps not as great.   Though we must also consider the possibility of species becoming extinct before we discovered them.

And on the subject of extinct animals, we move another step closer to cloning them as mammoth genone sequence completed


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