16th February - Today's News: Australia Hit by Cyclone Carlos

Australia gets hit again as cyclone Carlos batters Darwin and Top End - with record rainfalls in some places.

Six hurt as record snow buries South Korean market

In Finland, this winter's lowest temperature record broken - again. And in Lapland, they've now had 100 days of sub-zero temperatures. Some way to go to beat the all time lowest temp of -51.5c though.

In Britain, signs of spring delayed by freeze - though ironically it's been a mild February so far and may end one of the warmest on record, at least for some parts of the country. First daffodils close to coming into bloom in my garden - though I can't say how much earlier than usual this is as they're ones I only planted last autumn. I did say we'd have an early spring and, notwithstanding the delay in growth caused by December's cold weather, it looks like I'm likely to be right. Round these parts, anyway. And also looks very likely now we'll go from 22nd December to the end of February (and beyond) without seeing any snow fall at all. It'll probably return in April ....!

In NZ, Rotorua's hot nights due to end

Madagascar: damage assessments underway after cyclone Bingiza

In India, tree felling blamed as mercury soars, temperatures unusually high for February

Worldwide sulfur emissions rose between 2000-2005 after decade of decline - could this have tempered global warming?

Rising seas will affect major US coastal cities by 2100 - or maybe not, depending on whether you believe this study of the next one which will undoubtedly produce slightly different conclusions.

Warming Arctic brings invasion of southern species

Climbers in Cairngorms avalanche 'got off lightly' last Saturday

Amazon pollution: Chevron hits back in row with Ecuador - interestingly, the issue of whether the pollution offence occurred is not in doubt. Just whether Chevron today should be held liable.

And finally, a bizarre suggestion that we should move to the Highlands top save the environment: in other words, having trashed SE England now lets build an industrial park in Glenmore and a motorway across Sutherland ...... Actually I'm not sure hoe accurate the suggestion is - after all, there may be lots of land in the Highlands, but is a New Town on Rannoch Moor really a viable proposition?


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