25th February - Today's News: No More Survivors As Quake Toll Reaches 113, More Missing

Christchurch earthquake death toll rises to 113 with hundreds still missing with no survivors as New Zealand quake search goes on.

In California, there's speculation Friday storm could bring snow to the sand, but most likely just to the mountains. Meanwhile, snow, cold temperatures plague Northwest and heavy storms pummel trees, block roads in South; snow beats down on Midwest.

And another spring of major flooding in North Central United States, NOAA predicts

While NASA investigate the mysterious rumble of thundersnow

Perth swelters in the summer heat and may record it's hottest ever summer. Meanwhile, Sydney records driest summer in 8 years but torrential rain drenches cyclone-damaged far north and it's been the wettest Brisbane summer in 37 years.

Ancient catastrophic drought leads to question: how severe can climate change become?

NOAA scientists are cleared of misuse of data - yet another result which certain people will refuse to accept. Get ready for claims of conspiracy, and calls for an inquiry into the inquiry ..... And, indeed, lo and behold, WUWT claims that Inspector General Finds “NOAA Climategate Emails Warrant Further Investigation”. Except that's not true. What Wattsy has done is copy selective misquotes from the report highlighted by Senator Inhofe in his response here. But Inhofe clearly doesn't understand the past participle! The 'further investigation' has already been carried out, prior to the release of the Report. D'oh! Still, when you're in a deep shitty hole, keep on digging and hope no-one sees you. Anyway, I hereby dub this 'Past Participle-gate'.


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