5th February - Today's News: Record Cold For Parts of Mexico

A cold snap chills northern Mexico with some places experiencing their lowest temperatures for 50 years. While snow and ice paralyse Texas from Rio Grande to Oklahoma border. And a Wisconsin man survives hours buried in snow.

6000 homes in Western isles without electricity after this week's gales, whilst on the mainland, flooding call-outs after storms hit parts of Scotland. Meanwhile, 60mph winds continue to batter Wales, and how could I resist a headline UK hit by hell gales?

In Queensland 'help is coming' as residents return to ruin and missing Townsville teen found safe after cyclone Yasi. But thousands call for help as storms lash Victoria and flash floods mean Monash and Princes at a standstill. Meanwhile, Sydney heatwave breaks 150 year record.

There's still hope for Arctic sea ice but midwinter ice storms deadly for Alaska's animal herds - the problem being that 'milder' weather means more ice and they're better adapted for colder, snowy conditions. Interesting to speculate if similar changes were part of the reason for the demise of Arctic megafauna at the end of the last ice age?

Russia poised to breach mysterious Antarctic lake

New images show cloud exploding from Sun ripples like clouds on Earth - KH waves in space!


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