14th February - Today's News: Record Snowfall in S Korea

South Korea chaos after 'heaviest' snowfall since records began in 1911. January was also the coldest on record. More snow is expected today.

Devastated Victorians beg for rain to stop and for elsewhere there's more rain to come, but la Nina to loosen its grip - predictions are that it has now peaked and we should see a shift to more neutral conditions through the next few months.

But in contrast, for China, first snowfall brings hope of rain.

Cyclone set to hit Madagascar - Bingiza will be the first to make landfall there this season.

And computer models predict that another cyclone threatens NZ

Airborne sensor to study 'river in the sky'

After studying seismic data, scientist discover that deep interior of moon resembles Earth's core - so it's not hollow after all ....

And OMG! NASA killed a sundog! But the SDO sundog mystery resulted in the discovery of a new type of ice halo.


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