28th May - Today's News: Flash Floods in East Anglia

Close on a month's rain fell in parts of East Anglia yesterday (48.8mm at Wattisham - the 81-10 ave there is 51.9mm) as heavy rain causes flash flooding in Norwich with cars stuck as heavy rain causes flooding in Ipswich - which makes it utterly bizarre that James Madden (aka Exacta weather) has been spouting nonsense on Facebook about how the Met Office got it wrong because they forecast  40mm of rain and a risk of  flash flooding ..... !!!!!   A good way to build a reputation, though not the one you'd have thought James would want.  More rain and more flash flooding and travel disruption expected in parts of Central and Eastern England today.   Even Evesham had 6.7mm this morning!

One dead as storms wreak havoc in Poland with more pictures here as torrential rain slams Europe


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