30th May - Today's News: Video of 'Tornado' Lifting Car Off Ground in Birmingham

A CCTV camera captures the rather scary moment when a tornado lifts car off ground in Birmingham last weekend  (not confirmed it was a tornado though)

Flood-hit Norwich 'had month's rainfall in one day' on Tuesday.  And it's worth noting that even Evesham has had over one third of the month's normal rainfall in the past 2 days, with over 21mm in my garden (but considerably more in some parts of the Vale) - and overall it's been a much wetter than average May, though still nothing like 2007.

Rainy weather does not make you sad, claims behavioural expert - yes it does!  When a big storm just misses you or a downpour peters out before it arrives.....!   Or am I the only one who watches the radar avidly in the hope that I'm going to catch the heaviest rain?

Despite the rain, early figures suggest third warmest spring on record for the UK - moreover, it was only beaten by 2007 and 2011 so the 3 warmest springs have all been within the past 7 years.

And, surprisingly (to me) heavy airplace traffic potentially a major contributor to pollution in Los Angeles - more so that road traffic.


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