22nd November - Today's News: Flooding Across Britain, More to Come

After 24.9mm of rain yesterday, river levels in Evesham are the highest we've had for some time, with more rain to come later today and through the weekend.   So a few worried folk about as heavy rain due to cause more flooding in Midlands and South West.   Just so long as I get to Wolverhampton and back tonight for the Runrig gig!

'Turn off Christmas lights and buy sandbags': warning to families as torrential rain causes flooding and fierce winds delay ferries

In Galloway today Lochans and Leswalt power cut after lightning strikes as heavy rain and strong winds sweep across Scotland

Meanwhile, further afield a huge Martian dust storm picks up steam but more intriguing news as Curiosity team set to announce 'major discovery on surface of Red planet' - is there life in Mars?


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