6th November - Today's News: 'Fire Tornado' Spotted at Warwick Bonfire

Bonfire fright as 30ft high 'fire tornado' is caught on camera - never heard of it happening before, but it looks genuine.

And in NZ, caravan-tossing tornado 'not a tall story'

A number of water related stories today:

UK water resources 'left to weather's mercy'

Thousands displaced by floods in India's Andhra Pradesh
following last week's Cyclone Nilam

As waters finally recede, the final figures from Nigeria: floods claim 363 lives, displace 2.1 million say NEMA

Laos approves Xayaburi 'mega' dam on Mekong to generate electricity to sell to neighbouring Thailand

Torrential rains cause flood havoc in northern Sumatra

Indian monsoon failure more frequent with global warming, report suggests

And climate modeler identifies trigger for Earth's last big freeze, the Younger Dryas.  Or rather, that the release of water believed to have triggered it must have been into the Arctic rather than the St Lawrance river.

Oh, and apparently there's some local election or summat coming up in America this week.   I liked this twitter comment made by BBC correspondent Mark Mardell "At Wisconsin rally Springsteen almost makes a better case for Obama, than Obama, after he plays "Promised Land""!


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