21st November - Today's Nes: Rain Brings Disruption to SW Britain

It's a wet day in England - over half an inch of rain here already this morning.  More wet and windy weather over the next couple of days as well.  But looks like turning more settled and a good deal colder next week.  The start of winter?  Maybe ....

In Wales, weather warning issued as downpours trigger problems for drivers whilst heavy rain causes flooding in the West

And never one to let the chance of a misleading sensational weather related headline get away, the Express today have decided that Britain to face floods for 100 years.   Well here's news: we've been facing floods for millions of years and will do so for every year for at least the next few million.   Don't forget that Nathan Rao has also assured us that this'll be the coldest winter for 100 years ......

Universities to study far north peat bog restoration - though of course, we shouldn't forget that it was, at least in part, the removal of the native woodland by humans that allowed the bogs to form in the first place.  As partly demonstrated by charcoal clues to Assynt's Bronze Age woodland - it appears our ancestors chopped down the tress to make a sauna!   How decadent.

And no surprise to hear that global emissions of greenhouse gases hit record high.   Until next year .....


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