27th November - Today's News: More Evacuations as Floods Continue

The worse hit area today is North Wales where 500 told to leave homes in St Asaph  as across the country, flooding continues to threaten hundreds of homes.   Levels in Evesham have fallen further and looks like we're now out of the 'danger zone', though folk downstream at Tewkesbury continue to worry as the Severn rises and Gloucestershire flooding residents make rescue decision

The good news is that today should see the last of the rain for at least a few days with colder, frosty, weather on the way.   Though sadly this only leads to the Daily Express reguritating the same old rubbish, scaring the public by falsely claiming icy blast will last a month.  Actually, winter, epitomised by colder weather than we see through the rest of the year, with snow and ice at times, is likely to last 3 months.   So they didn't even get that bit right! 


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