29th November - Today's News: Tornado Hits Italian Steel Mill

Last update for a couple of days as I'm off to MBA meeting sin Glasgow tomorrow.

Freak tornado smashes steel mill in Italian town of Taranto

Moscow hit by biggest snowfall in 50 years (for November, that is)

(oh, and by the way, there are signs that Britain could have the coldest December for 2 years - you have been warned!)

As flood defences hold and levels start to fall, rescue boat take villagers to buy supplies in Somerset

Man in car rescued from floodwater in Shropshire - I hope he's charged with the full costs.    There are too many very stupid motorists out there who seem incapable of understanding that cars are not boats.

And finally, giant black hole in tiny galaxy confounds astronomers - although maybe they answer the question when they note that it's a very old galaxy.   It's already 'eaten' most of the stars .....   Just part of the universal 'cycle of life'.


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