4th September - Today's News: Hailstorm Kills Hundreds of Spanish Flamingos

City hall in Ukraine's Kiev cancels school amid heat wave mainly due to smog from wildfires as temperatures reached an all time record 35.5c this week

British summer was the coldest in three years  according to Met Office data.   Once again, we buck the trend ....

RFA Lyme Bay delivers life-saving supplies in humanitarian mission to storm-hit Dominica (as an aside, a letter in the Daily Fail this week chastised the govt for not helping Dominica - the writer (and no doubt the paper) unware that we station a Royal Naval vessel in the Caribbean specifically for this task.   Something those who argue we don't need armed forces - Mr Corbyn .... - would do well to note!)

Climate change brings cyclone risk to Persian Gulf, study warns - interestingly, I have long argued that the origin of the Noah's Flood story was a tropical cyclone hitting the Persian Gulf .....

The Arctic saw the fourth-lowest August sea-ice extent

And a little off subject, but this deserves watching: BFI film shows Model T driven down Ben Nevis in 1911


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