8th September - Today's News: Torrential Rain, Flash Floods in Spain

ID of the storm: Met Office invites public to name severe weather systems - it's confusing enough with the Germans and Scandinavians giving every low pressure system their own different names, on top of whatever the UK media call it!  But I propose we use names of characters from Game of Thrones and look forward to seeing severe disruption to transport caused by Dickon Manwoody ....

And how climate change is behind the surge of migrants to Europe -by no means entirely, of course, but certainly a contributory factor, and one which will continue to play a role in migrations around the world for decades to come.  Indeed, even without any climate change, I would still expect massive migration over the next centuries as populations continue to grow in regions that experience extremes of climate, and people choose to move to where the climate is much more benign (and crops grow every year).  Like Europe.


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