12th September - Today's News: Mecca Crane Collapses in Storm, 107 Dead

Carnage in Mecca: At least 107 people killed and 238 injured after Bin Laden firm crane collapses on Grand Mosque during freak lightning storm - though it's not as yet clear whether high winds, a lightning strike or something else was the cause of the collapse.

Down in NZ, heaven-sent snow dumps give Cornet record for the most snow to have fallen by this stage of the season.

A study shows that burning all fossil fuels would melt all of Antarctic.   But not tomorrow. 

And it's September, so our old friends Nathan Rao and James Madden are at it again, predicting, yet again, that the coldest winter for 50 years set to bring months of heavy snow to UK.   Well, I guess if you predict some cold, snowy weather every winter, sooner or later we'll get a week or so of it ......   But based on Madden's recent performances, I reckon we can expect a rather mild winter!


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