2nd August - Today's News: Britain, Europe, Greenland, Alaska, China all Feel the Heat

With 34.1c (or 34.2c according to MetO - unconfirmed) recorded at Heathrow, yesterday was not only the hottest day of the year but the hottest day since 19th July 2006.   Oddly, whilst Pershore recorded 31.6c I only managed 31.5c in my garden - so officially the hottest day of the year in the Vale, but unofficially only the 2nd hottest after 31.6c in my garden on 13th July this year.    Cue pictures of girls in bikinis after Britain sizzled on the hottest day of the year as temperatures hits 34.1c

Meanwhile, Europe's hot spell to persist in August after July heatwave - but in Britain it looks like more normal temperatures most of the time: warm but not hot.   Oh, and although killer heatwave hits Spain it won't be twice as hot as Britain!

Major storms strike Caribbean region although at least there are no signs of any hurricanes on the way yet as a massive dust cloud over Atlantic inhibits tropical storms from developing.

Lewis Fry Richardson: the man who invented weather forecasting (as we now know it) is to be commemorated by a plaque at the Eskdalemuir Observatory

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, now rise in violence 'linked to climate change' - bad news with climate change occurring ten times faster than at any time in the past 65 million years.   Except, of course, that's not the case.  The Younger Dryas saw bigger changes in a much shorter period of time, for example.  And on that subject: the 'Clovis Comet Hypothesis' moves a step closer to acceptance as ice core data supports ancient space impact idea.

And a slightly off topic story: can a week under canvas reset our body clocks?   It seems so.  I wonder if a week in a bothy counts?    And is it light, or is it the absence of electronic distractions that makes the real difference? 


  1. Re the waterspouts picture: http://epod.usra.edu/blog/2013/07/waterspouts-over-the-adriatic-sea.html



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