24th January - Today's News: Extreme Weather Across Australia

In Australia, extreme weather hits Northern Terriory, east and west coasts with Queensland braced for flash flooding, monsoonal rain, in worst weather since 2011 flood disaster and a tropical cyclone threat for WA coast. And they're expecting a record breaking heatwave to hit Perth

More strong storms hit Alabama, kill two

In Mozambique, floods cut off Maputo whilst heavy rains displace people in Malawi in the wake of cyclone Funso.

Two dead in Fiji floods

Arctic freshwater bulge discovered

Sun's changes unlikely to slow global warming, scientists say - which perhaps explains why the long predicted mini ice age steadfastly refuses to show itself?

Death Valley's volcanic explosion crater may have future potential

And tonight we're expecting the arrival of the strongest solar radiation storm since 2005 - with good potential for aurora to be visible in Britain. Bet it's cloudy ....


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