31st January - Today's News - Deadly Freeze Spreads Across Europe

Low temperatures, snow paralize Serbia, claim victims, there's a fatal freeze in Bulgaria and further deaths in Ukraine and Poland in freezing Europe weather - which is slowly spreading into Britain. The end of the week will be coldest, with some uncertainty thereafter but a risk Atlantic fronts could bring a spell of widespread snow. Here in Evesham today we had some snow grains precipitate out of the fog to give our first wintry precipitation since December 2010. And apparently, army on stand-by as temperatures plummet to -11c (actually whilst such temps are normal in January and February in some places, they haven't dropped that low as yet).

Heavy snow leaves 53 dead, hundreds injured in north, west Japan

And it's oh, snow! in Junneau, Alaska

In Argentina, one dead, fifteen injured after severe thunderstorm hits Cordoba

Blue balls theories rage after Dorset storm mystery

Was the Little Ice Age triggered by massive volcanic eruptions? An i.ntriguing hypothesis - but as yet no smoking caldera

NASA solves case of Earth's 'missing energy' - it wasn't missing at all!

And Earth's energy budget remained out of balance despite unusually low solar activity - further supporting the premise that it is human activity, and not solar activity, that is behund recent global warming. Of course, the 'sceptics' will just claim another if their infinitely variable (and often contradictory) 'lags'.


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