7th January - Today's News: Record High Temperatures Set Across US Plains

Record high temperatures in Fargo, ND as warm weather causing widespread melting in area whilst elsewhere Plains shatter warm weather records, set historic high temperatures

And the US National Weather Service says 2011 was the driest year on record for Texas; 2012 won't bring relief

From too little Alpine snow to too much: avalanche traps skiers at Swiss resort of Zermatt

Wild weather hits Latin America:
Wildfires are raging in Chile during an atypical heat wave, and northern Mexico is suffering from its worst drought in 70 years of record-keeping. A second straight season of heavy rains in Colombia killed at least 182 people, destroyed more than 1,200 homes and caused an estimated $2 billion in damage in the past four months.

Rain eases South Australian bushfire threat

New Zealanders none to happy as their rainy summer ruining holidays - must be just like being in England!

Harbour Inn at Southwold floods again - a place I've drunk in a few times in years gone by. But only when it's been warm, dry and sunny!

Scientists now say Africa's rainforests 'more resilient' to climate change (though not to fire, axe and saw).

Pollution rise 'worsens' South Asia's winter smog

In stark contrast to recent winters, this year's weather 'doubles' UK wind farm output


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