25th January 2012 - Today's News: First Snow of 2012 in Tokyo

Tokyo snow causes injuries, disrupts traffic

Davos hit by heaviest snow un 66 years ahead of the World Economic Forum

There could be some snow showers in western parts of Britain tomorrow, but most eyes are on developments next week when there's growing confidence we could see the start of the first really wintry spell of weather across the country. No predictions yet on how cold or how much snow, but I think in the next couple of weeks we could well see our first flakes since December 2010 in Evesham.

Qld flood threat eases but more rain due whilst rivers burst, towns flood in northern NSW but further south there's fine weather forecast for Australia Day in Victoria and South Australia, with a heatwave in Perth.

Woman killed in Alabama tornado is found 40 feet from her house

Huge solar storm produces outstanding aurora over Alaska

Low temperatures enhance ozone degradation above the Arctic - and could mean the Arctic ozone hole becomes a regular occurence since current warming in the troposphere, due to the increased presence of GHGs, results in cooling in the higher stratosphere where the ozone layer exists.

Gigantic crack spooks officials on Baltic Island with fears a 2km long landslide could occur.

Are the snows of Kilimanjaro returning? Guide says yes, scientists say no - because there's not been any increase in precipitation. And it's lack of precipitation more than anything else that is causing the glaciers to retreat. Human activities (deforestation) being at least partly responsible for this.


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