23rd January - Today's News: Can African Storms Affect the Weather in Britain?

The only weather news of note from Britain at the moment is that here in Evesham we've had only half the average rainfall so far this month as the drought continues unabated. Maybe it's all down to conditions in Kenya? As scientists discover how the weather in Africa can change conditions above Shetland

New York hit by snowstorm as wintry weather sweeps across the Northeast

Tornadoes strike Arkansas as storms menace south

US weather radar network gets upgrade

In Queensland, storm buffets north west town

Storms spark fires across Victoria, NSW

Cold snap sweeps across the UAE

Namibian floods close 64 schools

New Year firework frenzy to send Beijing pollution readings rocketing

Oceans have acidified more in the last 200 years than they did in the previous 21,000 - and guess why? It's not so much the acidification that's the problem but, as with climate change, it's the speed it's occuring - which makes it difficult for life to adapt. Something the anti-science mob deliberately persist in refusing to understand.

And on a slightly more political note (but it's nice to see the deniers face FOIA requests for a change) climate scientists back call for sceptic thinktank to reveal backers.


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