20th January - Today's News: Ice Storm Adds to Pacific NW Weather Woes

If snow wasn't bad enough? Now Oregon is battling floods but after falling tree kills ATV rider in WA ice storm, the Northwest hopes for reprieve from powerful storm.

Meanwhile, extreme and wacky weather continues as record lows hit parts of Canada

A couple of video stories with record snow fall in Japan and in North Africa, snowstorm 'unusual sight' in Algeria. Here in Britain all eyes on on developments later next week with growing indication we could finally get a proper cold, wintry spell of weather to herald in February. Whether it brings any snow to Evesham remains to be seen though - we've not had any since 2010!

Mozambique and SA's Kruger Park hit by deadly floods after TS Dando.

No surprise to hear that US saw records for extreme weather in 2011. The full NOAA report is here. Meanwhile, the world not quite as hot in 2011; ranks 11th warmest according to NOAA, though NASA finds 2011 ninth-warmest year on record. But more significantly, it was also the warmest La Nina year on record. I wonder why? Aren't we supposed to be plunging into a new ice age or summat?

And as far as this year is concerned, NASA sees repeating La Nina hitting its peak

In Scotland, avalanche services images record changing winter weather

Scientists make progress in assessing tornado seasons

My good friend John Mason has interviewed Dr Natalia Shakhova about her team's recent report on Arctic methane outgassing on the E Siberia Shelf. Well worth reading, especially given the usual sensational news tories the accompanied the initial announcement.

And good news for us in the Campaign for Real Time as Marck D'Arcy at the BBC asks is night falling on Daylight Saving Bill? I do like "Jacob Rees-Mogg's proposal for an independent Somerset time zone, and Philip Davies' proposal to call it the "Berlin Time" Bill."


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