6th January - Today's News: Lack of US Snow Causes Concern

US snow drought could have serious implications with concerns over water supplies come the spring

While in Canada, weather records fall, winter winds howl across much of Alberta

In Norfolk yesterday, Acle High School solar panels belown through roof and this week's gales have mean the 'worst ever' storm damage at Edinburgh botanic garden. In Wales, storms ease after 500 homes hit by power cuts and across the country, Britain battered by hurricane force winds after forecasters underestimate stength of gusts - but it must be said that amateurs on UKww had noted the risk of severe gusts occurring inland a day beforehand.

An interesting historical piece in the Daily Mail: think this week's gales are bad? They're nothing compared to the storm that drowned Britain in 1703

2011 was the warmest year in Jersey since records began

In NZ Hamilton endures record wet weather during December

Drought shrinks China's largest freshwater lake

Search continues for Philippines landslide missing

After heavy rain, Brazil dam burst forces thousands from homes

Spectacular images as Europe's highest active volcano rumbles back to life

Climate change models may vastly underestimate extinctions

And finally a 'told you so' story: after they closed down all their nuclear power stations for fear they'd be hit by a massive tsunami, Germany forced to buy Austrian electricity - and like us in Britain, they've had a very mild winter thus far.


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