14th January - Today's News: Hundreds Killed in Brazilian Floods, Landslides

Already being described as the country's worst ever natural disaster, the Brazil floods: more than 500 dead

Fortunately the Brisbane River peaked at around 1 metre lower than predicted (and, by the way, quite a bit lower than the 2007 Evesham floods - though of course topography plays a bit part in the damage caused: most of Evesham is built above the flood plain). So now Brisbane begins massive clean-up. Meanwhile, other floods hit NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and Victoria awaits crippling flood peaks. And the Toowoomba flood death toll now 16.

Fortunately it's not heading towards Queensland, but a new Cyclone set to bring winds and rain to NZ

And with the British weather having swung from one extreme to the other, we now have it very mild, and very wet, with disruption on road and rails in Wales as floods continue and a likelihood of more this weekend. The Avon is already in flood in Evesham, though so far doesn't look like exceeding normal winter flood levels.

Research shows that England's uplands get more frequent heavy rainfall in autumn and winter these days.

In Canada, snowstorm blankets Maritimes

Sri Lanka experiences record low temperatures

6-year old boy is killed by falling ice in St Petersburg

2010 wettest, warmest equal year - the NOAA global assessment is here . But why have UK media ignored climate change announcments? - including this (which actually isn't really about climate change, rather just a statement of fact)

And here's an excuse for not keeping up with the housework: Earth is twice as dusty as in 19th century

China No.1 in installed wind power capacity

NASA have a new stormy weather sensor for hurricane forecasting

Blue ice wows visitors to Tasman Glacier


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