7th January - Today's News: Rain Fails to Prevent England Stuffing the Aussies

First up, and totally OT, congratulations to Strauss and the boys out in Australia with an empathic Ashes victory over a dire Aussie side! Remarkable that we won by an innings on 3 occasions. I think we know who's going to win the BBC Sports Team of the Year Award for 2011!

Torrential rain causes flooding in parts of Cornwall this morning whilst further north there's tricky driving conditions as snow returns to Wales whilst Shetland and Orkney face snow problems too. Here in Evesham we just has a bit or moderate rain - not enough yet to clear the snow piles left over from the pre christmas snowfall though.

December 2010 'coldest on record' in Northern Ireland and overall, last December UK's coldest for 100 years.

In Germany, ice causes transport chaos

Several die in Guadeloupe floods after torrential rain

In Queensland, they describe waiting for the flood peak 'like a slow death'

In Malaysia, more flood victims in Pahang and Kelantan evacuated

While in South Africa, flood death toll reaches seven but at the same time, a heatwave hits Cape Town

Atmosphere's self-cleaning capacity suprisingly stable


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