12th January - Today's News: Queensland Floods: More Dead, Many Missing, Brisbane Evacuated

The trouble with floods (one of many trouboles with floods) is that they can go on and on and on ..... Especially where big, slow moving, rivers are concerned.

Queensland flood toll 12, as 51 missing

Disaster in Brisbane as water keeps coming

Fears worsen for Brisbane

'Significant flood event' facing New South Wales

Chinchilla expecting new flood peak

Soaked Victoria warned of flash flooding

However it looks like Ipswich flood may have peaked

And it looks like it's La Nina to blame: this could be the strongest on record. NASA image shows La Nina caused woes down under - this is Rockhampton:

Meanwhile, elsewhere, floods ground Sri Lanka president whilst Philippine floods kill 40 and affect 1 million and in Malaysia more non-stop rain causes major flooding.

Winter storm moves from southern US to north-east and apparently there's currently snow present in 49 of the 50 US States. The last time this happened was, er, last winter .....

Storm kills 10, injures seven in Mozambique

Acid rain makes life hard in 258 Chinese cities

2010 hottest year in Canada on record

Inside a snowstorm: Scientists obtain close-up look at Old Man Winter

NASA's Fermi catches thunderstorms hurling antimatter into space (though not over Evesham!)

Mountain glacier melt to contribute 12cm to world sea-level increases by 2100 - which no doubt means yet another reassessment of sea level predictions will be out soon .... !


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