21st January - Today's News:Another Big Snowstorm Threatens US North-east

Icy weather proves treacherous in Oklahoma whilst they're expecting another 'Arctic blast' to batter North East as 20 states are put on alert over giant snowstorm.

In Victoria, Swan Hill next in flood firing line

I'm disgusted that bogus bids floor Cahill flood auction, but rather more pleased to hear of a nice little gesture from Carlton United Breweries who're providing free beer for flood volunteers in Queensland.

Snow hinders lunar new year travel in China (as I seem to recall it does most years)

According to the Met Office: 2010 was second warmest year on record but, for Britain, 2010 was the coldest year since 1986 says Met Office. Always interesting how different newspapers spin their headlines in different directions! The MetO press release is here. However, as far as the WMO is concerned, 2010 ties record for world's warmest year alongside 1998 and 2005. Of course, our dear friend Piers Corbyn thinks all this is "delusional, irrelevant & disingenuous – the last gasp of the failed global warming cult" But I think he's just getting a bit old and confused because it sounds to me like he's talking about himself!

New research suggests some plants moved downhill, not uphill, in a warming world

War, plague no match for deforestation in driving CO2 build-up


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