10th January - Today's News: At Least 4 Dead in Toowoomba as Australian Floods Spread

The situation in Australia doesn't get any better - floods return to Dalby, as Gympie goes under, there are two dead as wave of water smashes Toowoomba (now reported as 4) while more flash floods feared west of Brisbane and there are more than 1000 isolated in NSW floods. There are also now flood warnings for Western Australia's north.

Slightly better news from Malaysia though where there's been a drop in victims as flood situation improves.

But not so good in Europe where German cities threatened by flooding after winter thaw.

In the US, winter weather slams South with snow, icy road

Snow blasts Alberta, strands motorists

Climate change to continue to year 3000 in best case scenarios (by which they mean carbon emission derived global warming; and in the worst case scenerios our activities may affect the world's climate zones for much longer - assuming assumptions are right)


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