25th January - Today's News: Toll Rises in S African Floods

South Africa death toll rises as government declares 33 disaster zones

Australia flood toll rises to 22 as flood workers battle exhaustion - and stolen sandbags!

And we shouldn't forget S America either where Brazil flood deaths top 800 with 400 still missing whilst the Philippine flood, landslide death toll rises to 71.

Meanwhile, in Canada, mayor tells Winnipeggers to be ready to sandbag ahead of the annual Red River flood.

Cold jumps Arctic 'fence', stoking winter's fury - and on that note, it does look like turning a bit colder this weekend but with high pressure firmly settled over Britain, the real issue could be drought come the late spring and summer as once again winter rainfall looks like being well below normal. Meanwhile, there are wind chill warnings across Canada as Ottawa's deep freeze shatters 40-year old record.

But it looks like a persistent drought to linger across southern United States whilst there's also a crop warning over China drought

Cyclone moves past Tonga's main island

A new research project to focus in climate change in the Arctic

What killed what came before the dinosaurs? Not quite so controversial as what killed the dinosaurs, and the consensus is shifting towards a coincidence of factors as massive volcanic eruption, burning coal and accelerated greenhouse gas choked out life.

Debris on certain Himalayan glaciers may prevent melting

What impact would sun dimming have on Earth's weather - and by that they mean geoengineering the atmosphere to induce dimming, not turning the Sun down.

2010 'one of worst' years for disasters, according to the UN:

And to balance the veggies who are always telling us normal, non-lentil loving, non-ruminant, folk that eating meat is bad for the environment, one German speaks out in praise of the Sunday roast.


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