31st January - Today's News: Queensland Prepares for Cyclone Yasi

Cyclone Antony brings heavy rain to the far north of Queensland, but otherwise made landfall without causing too much problem. Meawhile, whilst cyclone Bianca weakened off the WA shore, Bianca's forerunner brought death and destruction.

Meanwhile, Sydney sizzles as temperature soar, but as Yasi approaches, Bligh warns Queensland is facing one of its biggest and most serious cyclone threats.

The media warn that colossal US storm to pound 100m people - but, on the other hand, here in Britain, a weather front pushing down from the NW through today and tomorrow will affect nearly 60m people ...... almost the entire UK population!!! Though admittedly all we'll get is a bit of rain and some milder temperatures. But I think it puts the media hyperbole into perspective.
In Bolivia, raging river sweeps away bus, killing 34.

Heavy snow wreaks havoc on transportation along Sea of Japan coast

'Life chemicals' may have formed around far-flung star

More frequent drought likely in eastern Africa

And an amazing lucky escape for a hill walker in the Grey Corries as climber found reading a map after 1,000ft fall


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